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This addon allows your members to create and use predefined messages in private messages and threads, this is a very useful system for busy members who have to deal with a lot of conversations every day... being an administrator of a board with more than 800,000 members: tested and approved for several years!
You can manage through permissions which member can use this system or not and how many predefined messages they can create.
You can even manage through options the maximum length of the title and the contents of the predefined messages.

Members with permission to use this system will be able, in autonomy, to create, edit, delete and even re-arrange the position of their predefined messages with a drag & drop system using the 'nestable' vendor javascript, natively present in XF2.0.

-- 1.1.0 update - New features 🚀
As suggested, you can now use predefined replies in regular posts (threads) ; on each predefined reply, you can choose were you want to us it : conversations, threads or both of them.
You can also now configure each predefined replies : automated sentences like the courtesy one (good morning, good afternoon...), your name as a signature... you have the ability to choose which one you want to display on your predefined replies or decide to use both or none of them.

-- 1.1.1 update - Improvements 🚀
As reported, 'Unlimited' permission regarding to the number of allowed predefined replies is now working as expected.
Predefined replies are also now filtered on the managing page to easily have a quick look on which predefined replies are located in conversations, threads or both. Same case for the automated sentence(s) that are selected for each predefined reply.
A potential issue about the javascript part of the add-on had been fixed to prevent issues when minifying JS for SEO enhancement purposes.

-- 1.1.2 update - Bug fix & style compatibility 🚀
Provide a bug fix from 1.1.1 update where filters that had been added in this version does not work as expected in the case where you don't have 2 different located predefined replies.
As reported, a style compatibility had been added to work as initially expected with UI.X 2 styles that add an additional "Reply" button on top of threads. This style compatibility should work with all custom styles that edit original thread template.

-- 1.2.0 update - New features & improvements 🚀
As suggested, you can now use predefined replies while creating a conversation or a thread ; all the add-on has been partitioned into some permissions, to be easier to manage.
Following this new feature, the module changes its name to be more meaningful to these new attributions : we talk about predefined messages now, instead of predefined replies. :geek:
The tag [member] who replace itself by recipients of the predefined message is now configurable in the AdminCP options to be more flexible. It is also more dynamic, especially when creating a conversation, the tag is automatically replaced by all recipients of the conversation.
The drag & drop sort functionality is back and we provided miscellaneous fixes and improvements the the entire add-on.

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