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The new [SXF] Core plugin has been updated on all sides , but now it is [TG] Core. The plugin was rewritten under the new version almost in haste and was removed directly from the stove.

Attention! The plugin is assembled in a hurry, for this only Alpha version, where there may be clouds of jambs. For this, use with caution and report any errors found.

Russification, which is almost not required is present as an XML file within the release!

What has changed in relation to the old version:
  • Removed component manager. Yes, why is he even needed? I just suffered a complete nonsense.
  • Removed (probably so far, or maybe they just didn’t get it back) to hide the values of additional fields.
What is left:
  • Select the gender of the user. Well, it was probably the easiest to implement, and so far or still remains in place.
  • Well, some support functions for other TehGate plugins.
What's new:
  • The rights panels are collapsed when setting up user groups and the names of plug-ins are added. Well, I got the fact that you go to set up the rights, and there are a lot of expanded panels and you try to minimize them all the time or scroll to the unexpected end of the page. The same with the name of the plugin.
  • In the developers section, the following has been added to the definition of user access rights:
    • Link to add permissions in each interface group.
    • Displays the sorting order of rights on the interface groups and rights page.
    • Added the ability to sort the display of rights and interface groups on the page for a specific plugin to be selected. Sometimes it just comes to a standstill when developing a bunch of plug-ins or testing, and on this page there are many, many meters of rights, but you need them for specific plug-ins.
  • A new tag has been added for templates, which displays fields for entering not only dates, as it did <xf:dateinput />, but also a time field, as it now does <xf:datetimeinput />.
I hope I was able to write all the functions that are still possible and that I could remember after two hours of sleep and night picking the possibilities of implementation in the XF2 itself. This plugin will mainly specialize in extending some features of ACP and auxiliary code for other plugins. For this, expect something new in ACP from a range of help for both the static administrator and the developers of their projects.
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